ESP8266EX Wi-Fi SoC Has Been FCC & CE Certified

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ESP8266EX Wi-Fi SoC Has Been FCC & CE Certified

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ESP8266EX Wi-Fi SoC Has Been FCC & CE Certified
Shanghai, China / November 14th, 2014

Espressif Systems (Shanghai) Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Espressif Systems”) announced recently that ESP8266EX, a single-chip wireless SoC has been approved by FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and has acquired the CE certification.

ESP8266EX is a wireless SoC that is created for the Internet of Things (IoT), which consists of a high performance 32-bit MCU that can run up to 160MHz, a 10bit ADC with high precision, TCP/IP stack, and all RF components. The high integration density of this single-chip greatly decreases the external components, and tremendously reduces BOM cost of your whole solution. The IC features QFN32 package of only 5mm*5mm, which ideally reflects its high integration density and flexible applicability on your board.

Besides, ESP8266EX has embedded various interfaces, including SPI, SDIO, UART, and I2C, which can well meet customers’ developmental needs and requirements. It also supports functions including system-level power management through an adaptor, reset control, power-saving working mode, and so on, making it a perfect choice of high performance and lower power consumption IoT solution in the field.

ESP8266EX encapsulates the complete Wi-Fi and the Internet-of-Things solution, including hardware design, software, sample codes, compiler and downloading tools, detailed user manuals, BBS forum ( ), etc. Users can self-customize their own server, or they can perform secondary development based on Software Design Kit provided by Espressif Systems, and flexibly adjust their software solution, so as to reduce development cycle, and speed up the products’ accessibility in the market. Currently, ESP8266EX, a Wi-Fi and IoT solution has been mass produced and widely applied in smart-home appliances, home automation, industrial wireless control, wireless detectors and controllers using sensors, and other various areas, and has been highly acclaimed by developer and customer home and abroad.

CE marking is a symbol of free marketability in the European Economic Area (EEA), whereas FCC is a mandatory authentication for certain electrical devices to be sold in the United States. ESP8266EX’s compliance with FCC rules and regulations, as well as the CE marking indicates that this IC is freely marketable in European Union, the United States, and other countries. We are in full conviction that ESP8266EX and its related products will have business presence at home and abroad in the near future.

About Espressif Systems
Espressif Systems is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and market wireless SOCs and radio frequency semiconductor for Internet of Things, cellular, connectivity and broadcast applications. The company’s product portfolio currently includes MCUs, radio frequency front-end chips, and WiFi chipsets. For additional information, please visit the Company’s website at
Espressif Systems (Shanghai) Pte. Ltd.
Joanna: +86 021-61062079

The FCC identifier is: 2AC7Z-ESP8266EX
The CE opinion number is: TCF-1933CC14

乐鑫信息科技 WI-Fi 芯片 ESP8266EX获得 CE 和 FCC 认证

乐鑫信息科技(上海)有限公司(简称『乐鑫』)近日宣布,其单芯片无线芯片 ESP8266EX正式获得欧盟 CE 认证及 FCC 认证。

ESP8266EX 是一款 Wi-Fi 和物联网片上系统级 SoC 芯片。ESP8266EX 内置了可兼做应用处理器的低功耗 32 位 MCU,频率高达 160MHz,同时内置了 10bit 高精度 ADC、TCP/IP 协议栈,以及全部的 RF 部件等,极大限度地减少了外围器件,降低 BOM 成本。该芯片采用 QFN32 封装,大小只有 5*5mm,充分体现其高集成度的特点。

此外,ESP8266EX 内置了各类应用接口,如 SPI、SDIO、UART 、I2C 接口,能够极大满足客户的开发和产品应用需求。该芯片还支持系统级电源管理转换器、复位控制、省电工作模式等功能,满足物联网解决方案低功耗的性能需求。

ESP8266EX 是一个完整的 Wi-Fi 和物联网解决方案,包含硬件设计、软件、例程代码、下载及调试工具、用户使用手册、BBS 论坛 (htp://等。用户可以自定义服务器,也可以基于乐鑫提供的 SDK 做二次开发,灵活地调整软件方案,从而极大地缩减开发周期,更快地面向市场对产品的需求。目前,乐鑫自主研发设计的这款 Wi-Fi 和物联网解决方案系统级 SoC 芯片已广泛应用于智能家居、家庭自动化、工业无线控制、传感器探测与监控等众多领域,并受到国内外众多开发者的追捧和客户的好评。

CE 认证是全球通行的安全认证标志,而 FCC 是美国电子产品市场的强制认证。ESP8266EX 这款芯片近日正式获得 CE 认证及 FCC 认证,预示着这款芯片将在欧盟、美国等部分国家自由流通,是该芯片进入欧洲等国家市场的『通行证』。我们相信,在不久的将来,乐鑫的 ESP8266EX 芯片及其相关的产品将会亮相海内外各大市场。

乐鑫信息科技是一家无厂半导体公司,专注于设计、研发、营销适用于物联网、手机、连接设备、广播媒体的无线 SoC 芯片和射频半导体。我司产品目前有MCU 芯片、射频前端芯片及Wi-Fi 芯片组。有关乐鑫的详情,请登录
Joanna: +86 021-61062079

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