SDK Layout & use in other projects

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SDK Layout & use in other projects

Postby SingingCat » Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:10 pm

We use the espressif SDK to compile an application. The applications source code is managed in a git repository.
Currently, each time a new SDK is released we have to modify it to compile our code since the SDK insists on compiling only in the 'app' directory.
It would be very convenient if the SDK could be shipped to
a) compile a directory external to itself.
For example:
/opt/espressif/sdk/current ->/opt/espressif/sdk/sdk1.2XXXX
(Obviously other people have other preferences, but I think the concept is clear ;) )
Then, just like we can do with other sdks, we'd add
in our project Makefile

b) the above should be _very_ consistently working between versions, so to encourage upgrades.
upgrades are painful ATM. Ideally, all that should be necessary is to download, unzip, change symlink: Done.

c) if there any requred flags, such as SPIspeed/flash-size etc. then they will be defined in our Makefile. They just need
to be documented very clearly by espressif.

d) the AT-Command set *must* be entirely optional, since it's usually of no use in applications

e) Generally, whilst it's great that it is meant to be userfriendly with windows click-and-drag tools, forcing the use of those tools actually makes harder for software development in teams. It should work well on linux (debian/ubuntu/centos) and with git ;-) - that's IMHO more-or-less the modern way ;). So the SDK should be more focused (or in addition to) on automated compilation during continous integration cycles.

btw: please get rid of the 76800 Baud rate when starting the cpu in rom. change it to 115200 or 57600 ;). It's annoying.

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Re: SDK Layout & use in other projects

Postby bjpirt » Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:15 pm

I think these are all very sensible suggestions - I'd also love to see less patching and just do more regular versioned releases. There's a lot of room for error with patching. Given that you already have code on GitHub, maybe just keep all development of the SDK there and just use their releases functionality to do distribution. It's better than doing this through a web forum and makes it easier to see a list of previous versions with release notes, etc. and being able to see what has changed in the code. Just a thought :-)
Keep up the good work,

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