espconn_send and Queuing Data

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espconn_send and Queuing Data

Postby AgentSmithers » Fri May 08, 2020 4:03 am

Anyone have a Schmea idea I can follow for queuing data to be sent.
It seems NONOS SDK, just buffers and signals the data to be sent when returning back to the system level from userland.
What I am looking for is to call the same function twice to queue and send the dataout. One of my ideas was to use a function like this

Setup send callback

add multiple char * use Add to map

Call SendAll.

void * ArrayPtr[];
void AddToMap(char * data)
Add data ptr to ArrayPtr[]

void * sendAll()
loop through each element, if not = to 0x0 then its a valid pointer
Send Data, return from this function and wait for call back.

void CallbackfromSend

Has anyone implemented an idea like this or one even better / simpler for queuing data?

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