Vroom-02 crashes when mesh network is turned on

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Vroom-02 crashes when mesh network is turned on

Postby stokersoft » Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:21 am


I cant make a very detailed error description, but i hope for advice to get this bug report perfect, so the problem can be solved.

We have modules with Vroom-02 running NON OS AT software versoin 2.1.0 and 2.0.0.
Also we have a Jensen Omni Mesh
https://www.jensenshop.no/nettverk/tr%C ... 0000114009

Whenever we turn on, just one Jensen Omni device, the Vroom-02 module restarts over and over, from the log its giving a wdt repeatedly. Mostly before it happens it writes 'bcn 100'. Please note, the Vroom-02 is not connected to the device, they have no relation, they are just in the same neighbourhood.

Can it be a (malformed) beacon frame, that crashes the device? I have an idea, that is not verified, that it sends out a beacon frame with e.g. vendor specific information that exceeds the buffer size reserved in the esp8266. But i am just guessing.

All other equipment like phones, other routers, laptops etc. are coexisting perfectly with this equipment. We have tried with other Jensen Omni devices from another batch - same problem. Also we have tried other ESP8266 devices, for example the Sonoff product, it has same problem.

Any advice? Anyone tried something similar?

Regards Jens

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