ESP8266 non OS: Fatal exception 3(LoadStoreErrorCause)

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ESP8266 non OS: Fatal exception 3(LoadStoreErrorCause)

Postby sedlacek.david » Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:31 pm

Can somebody help. Have an ESP8266 with 4MB of external memory. It works well except this.

Have following structure:

Code: Select all

#pragma pack(push, 1)
typedef struct
    UINT32 magicNumber;
    UINT32 length;
    UINT32 crc16;
    UINT32 applicationMajorVersion;
    UINT32 applicationMinorVersion;
} applicationHeader_t;
#pragma pack(pop)

Mapped to 0x40280000.

So assume I have:
const applicationHeader_t appHdr at 0x40280000.

I can read a member of the structure with os_memcpy(&testVAriable, &appHdr->magicNumber, sizeof(testVAriable))

but I can't read it directly as: (ends up with LoadStoreErrorException at 0x40280000):
const applicationHeader_t * ptr = &appHdr;
UINT32 test = ptr->magicNumber; <<<- it will crash here

Any suggestions?

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