Rom function SPIRead() (esp8266, non os sdk)

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Rom function SPIRead() (esp8266, non os sdk)

Postby sedlacek.david » Fri Aug 17, 2018 11:30 pm

Hi, can I use the built in SDK ROM function to read 8 Bytes from address for example 0x81008 ? Do I have to call it from IRAM for example?

I'd like know if there are any constraints like address that it can read. The only known limitation is that the address has to by 4-Bytes aligned. Assuming that I should pass address starting at the beginning of the physical SPI chip (0x0);

The thing is that it returns a garbage while spi_flash_read() works correctly. But it still returns a zero = a success.

UINT32 SPIRead(uint32_t addr, UINT32 *dest, size_t size);

Thanks David

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