Need help with spi_master_trans()

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Need help with spi_master_trans()

Postby fmuller-pi » Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:30 am


I am working with the ESP8266_RTOS_SDK v3.1 and using the HSPI to communicate between the ESP8266 and another chip on my board (it's an NXP chip that is using EDMA).
I am using my ESP as the master for SPI transfer, and I am trying to send a buffer tx containing 64 bytes and receive at the same time in a provided rx buffer 634 bytes coming from the NXP, all of that in the same spi_master_trans() transfer. The issue is that the ESP is sending properly the data, and the NXP receives it well, but it isn't receiving the data from the NXP. And I know for sure that the NXP is sending the proper data (used a sniffer to make sure). I am unsure why it doesn't work, and why ESP doesn't receive the data properly.
Does anyone know if the ESP is even able to send and receive in one spi_master_trans() operation? I checked the SDK and looking at the function spi_master_trans(), I would say it should be able to do so, but maybe I am wrong?

Any thought?


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