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Antonio Gates Color Rush Jersey

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This is a great time of year to be thankful for what we have Uchenna Nwosu Color Rush Jersey , where we have been, and what the future holds. Although the Chargers have lost their way a bit in recent years, the month of December still holds such incredible promise! This advent calendar is an attempt to hearken back to these days of December joy. Each day will bring a new advent from the Bolts’ history that makes it wonderful to be a Chargers fan.Dec. 03: December Football is Coming Back!Can you feel it? It’s in the air. Not quite fall, but not quite spring. AH YES, winter! Chargers football has often been a force to be reckoned with in the winter.Philip Rivers has led the charge in regards to this late-season renaissance.Since taking over as quarterback of the San Diego Chargers in 2006, Rivers has helped lead them to a 35-17 record in games played in December and January.In 2016, it was 35-14. After the smoke cleared from 2017’s odd resurgent year, the record stood at 40-15. The Chargers won all but one of their games last December, but their loss to the Chiefs was what kept them out of the playoffs (oh, and an 0-4 start).In 2018 Craig Mager Color Rush Jersey , the Chargers are 1-0.Clearly, from this growing sample, you could make out the trend that has gained real steam again.The Lynn years are a marked improvement over the McCoy years (in a variety of ways). The Chargers were, and again are, incredibly successful on the field come December.Well, until recently...As recently as 2014, had this to say:As of today, Tom Brady is now at 59-12 (.830) in post-November regular season football. Philip Rivers is now third on the list with 40-19 (.677).From 2013 to 2016, the Chargers posted a 2-13 record for post-November football. Outside of that stretch, they have a .863 average. Yow!But this is NOT an article on how sad they have been lately Jason Verrett Color Rush Jersey , it’s a celebration of how successful they have historically been in this month!2006 - 5-0 (Philip Rivers begins starting for the Chargers)2007 - 5-02008 - 4-0 (you’re starting to see where this December stuff comes from, aren’t you?)2009 - 5-02010 - 3-2 (Philip Rivers marks his FIRST December loss)2011- 4-12012 - 3-22013 - 4-1 (Mike McCoy begins his tenure)2014 - 1-32015 - 1-42016 - 0-5 (We’ve seen enough of the real McCoy)2017 - 4-1 - Anthony Lynn’s first year.2018 - 1-0 - Unbeaten world championsI don’t care who you are, that’s impressive. During Rivers’ first 8 years with the franchise, they went 33-6 in December. No, let’s reduce that further. In Rivers’ first 4 years with the Chargers, they did not lose in regular-season football after November. That just does not happen!With an incredible win over the Steelers on Sunday Night Football this year, the Chargers look well-oiled for another fantastic December. There are some really tough teams yet to go, but they’ve already hurdled what most consider to be their second biggest challenge on the 2nd-half schedule.-Jason ”December to Remember events are a limited time celebration” Michaels After another wonderful win against the Bengals, the Chargers are gearing up for what looks to be their most important and pivotal game of the regular season. While most Chargers faithful had this date circled on the calendar before the season began, it has been incredible to see the Chargers continue to catch up to the Chiefs after a really tough starting slate in 2018.There are a number of very important items on the line for this Thursday’s game: Not only the fate of the AFC West (the Chiefs would still have to lose another game Denzel Perryman Color Rush Jersey , but a win this week would seal it for them). On the brighter side, the Chargers also have the door open for the #1 seed in the AFC if they win out (and have a few dominoes fall their way). Oh, and one final thing— a win this week clinches a playoff spot for the Bolts. However, both the Chiefs and the Chargers will be hurting at one of their positions of strength this season: Running Back. The Chiefs ditched the baggage of Kareem Hunt, and deservedly so, and that has left a bit of a vacuum that hasn’t filled quite well with Spencer Ware and Damien Williams. They have reason to be optimistic, but RB is not the threat the offense had become used to.And the Chargers have been without Melvin Gordon III, who was enjoying a breakout year before missing action since November 25 because of a knee injury. In his absense, capable running back Austin Ekeler has been doing double the work he has been used to this year. He took 66 on the ground and 28 through the air—not bad for a $555k salary!However, reports began to storm in that Ekeler suffered a neck ‘stinger’ during the game Antonio Gates Color Rush Jersey , and his week 15 presence would be questionable.Neither Gordon nor Ekeler practiced Monday, when more grim reports began to surface. Austin Ekeler entered the concussion protocol on Monday, and that is in addition to his prior woes.It’s pretty clear that things look grim for Ekeler’s availability this week.But what about Gordon, who theoretically is day to day?The fact of the matter is that things don’t look good for a rushing attack on Thursday, but coach Anthony Lynn is a bit too wiley to give Andy Reid too much of a game planning cookie: he is giving some positive indications that Gordon could be back.In any event, Chargers fans should brace for an aerial showdown on Thursday evening, as both teams feature capable signal callers. There is an outside chance that one or both of the Chargers’ featured running backs can make the game, but it would be quite the surprise if they are up to speed by Thursday.-Jason “Run it Anyway” Michaels

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