ESP8266 and serial USB communications by PC

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ESP8266 and serial USB communications by PC

Postby Mauro.Felix » Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:31 pm

I try to make ES8266 communicate with PC via USB, with textual command lines (max 20 characters)
I use Arduino IDE on ESP.
I tried with VBA and with Visual Studio (VS).
ESP8266 used CP1202 and ESP-01 used CH340 interface. Same for both cases.
I use Rx and Tx for communication and it is not possible to use the serial.monitor as debug.
If I activate PORTX with IDE Arduino I can write and read on the USB port, both with VBA and VS,
but if I disconnect USB and ESP and then reconnect it,
the connection with USB is restored and the peripheral recognized by the PC,
the device is recognized by VBA and VS,
but the characters I convey are unrecognizable.
I cannot use serial.monitor for debugging and I have written results of the reading from PC to ESP on the EEPROM for to read it on the next boot.
I believe that the problem is due to the lack of the driver disactivated on the USB port on the PC, which IDE Arduino launches regularly,
I don't know what files they are and where I can find them. I would like to call them with shell command from VBA / VS. I close if anyone can help me.
Thanks for your attention.

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