ESP8266EX based wifi module does not respond on any AT commands ( E103-W01-IPX)


ESP8266EX based wifi module does not respond on any AT commands ( E103-W01-IPX)

Postby Primow » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:31 pm


I have a few wifi modules from eByte type E103-W01-IPX
These run on chip ESP8266EX. I know they are programmable devices but as I understand the product description at ebay they are already uploaded with working FW as they are said to be AT ready. However, I am not able to get any responce from the device and ebyte seems to be down.

Anyone know where to find complete datasheet for this ebyte modules or have any experience with them?

When I am enabling the module I get a short flash in the red LED.

Alternatively I could upload new FW if needed using the guides given by Espressif. But, the module is already soldered to a board and the FW upload tutorials seems to relay on some SPI based flashing tool, and several files are to be uploaded at different address offsets. I have not found any document describing how to flash via UART. I have GPIO0 connected and I know the device will enter FW upload mode if this pin is set High whilest enabling the module, and GPIO15 is pulled low. Question is what is the protocol for uploading a binary to correct address in the chip via uart only and not by using a flashing tool? The module is connected to an STM32H743VIT and I have a microSD where I may store the binaries for upload.


Re: ESP8266EX based wifi module does not respond on any AT commands ( E103-W01-IPX)

Postby zainka » Thu Dec 05, 2019 5:53 am

I have the very same problem as you do and was just about to start a topic.
I use the same module and also only see a blimp of red at startup. This is actually correct as far as I know.
My module is soldered onto a board with a STM32H7 device and thus I can not use any of the fancy standalone tools available and often reffered to. I have mounted both RX and TX to the receive pin on two UART TTL to USB virtual comport devices, and thus I may see whatever I send to the module and wathever the module transmit to me.

When I configure my device to boot from flash (Run mode) I get the following output from the module

Code: Select all

ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:1, boot mode:(7,7)
waiting for host

If configuring to "upload FW via UART" I get the following output. Notice 5 instead of 7

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ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:1, boot mode:(5,7)
waiting for host

So the module is waiting for a host but it does not respond to any commands I send.
Also, I have measured the GPIOs to verify that they actually have the correct logical value for the mode I believe the module to be in

So question #1 would be. Please give an example of a command, hex by hex to send to the module and which should result in some response when the device is waiting for a host. Is there some magic word to transmit to open the device???

Second, I would really like to know if the HW is correctly set up, see below, or if the pinnout by some reason should be wrong.

Here is an example of an older post regarding similar problem -->
However, the solution as suggested has already been tried to no success. Also, if SDIO is the case, then I would like to see datasheet describing how the configuration in HW would be to talk over SDIO.

Thanks in advance

The following is the connection diagram I am using.

NOTE: WIFI_ENABLE has pullup in MCU enabled

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