ESP-WROOM-02 Firmware update to ESP8266 IDF AT Bin (Latest)

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ESP-WROOM-02 Firmware update to ESP8266 IDF AT Bin (Latest)

Postby fredlynx » Sat Feb 27, 2021 3:56 pm

Dear All,

I have some trouble with updating my firmware on my ESP-WROOM-02.
On my chip the Original firmawre => V1.6.2.0
I do an OTA firmware update and I get => V1.7.4
Now I try to Update to the last AT version and try to upload => ESP8266 IDF AT Bin (Latest)
I try with one binary download factory_WROOM-02.bin and also with several bin...
Download Update is seems OK...
Restart of cheap and I have defaut AP SSID (ESP_B9A4AC)
Test of AT command ... and Nothings :( :?
Reflashing ESP8266 NonOS AT Bin V1.7.4 firmware and the AT is OK...

What's wrong ? Is the ESP8266 IDF AT Bin is compatible with ESP-WROOM-02 ..?
Can somebody help me :D

Have a nice Day

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